Interview with Saddi Khali


Yesterday we caught up with photographer/poet/creator Saddi Khali. Saddi’s work as a photographer has gained global recognition. With the mission of Decolonizing beauty Saddi shared how important it is for black folks to embrace the beauty within according to their own standards. We spoke of many things and the film is definitely in the works so until then here is a quote from the interview.

“So often we’ve been taught that we have to be strong but we actually have a connection with folks where we can be a little less strong sometime. We can also honor the fact that we are weak in the place or in this moment or that we need assistant  and because many of us have never taken the time to do that, I think it effects us emotionally and mentally. So getting folks to a point to be real enough or feel safe enough to be weak in the moment is …. I keep saying dope .. or beautiful .. its dopeful” – Saddi Khali


To view more of Saddi’s work check out his instagram.

To book a shoot you can find the information about the tour on his website

Featured image – “Me in Agra, India looking thru the holes in the marble of the Taj Mahal! Shot by Seed Lynn”


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