The Light of Phire


“As a wombman I’ve come forth with the courage to be vulnerable to inspire, to expose, and PR-19 celebrate beauty as an visual artist honoring our bodies, emotions, choices, and impulses through photography—in front of or behind the camera—is empowering and profoundly sexy. As a sensualist, I have been infatuated with visual story telling since childhood. I enjoyed musing with music to infuse artistic expression during the photoshoot on the dance floor even in bed. I appreciate and support the fine art nude modeling since 2006. #Art is sex# In love with the art of expression it’s a healing flow that becomes a dance movement, a universal language. Coming from a multi- talented family/where my parents/uncles etc were musicians and theater led me to embrace soul experiences which led to spiritual awakenings and healing and becoming an elemental visionary aka Goddess Phire”.



PR-13 PR-2


PR-17 PR-16PR-18


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