Interested in participating in the experience?  We would love to hear from you. There is a short questionnaire below. We would like to speak with you first. If that is possible reach out at 832 382 0740. When filling out the questionnaire be sure to include your birthday in one of the text fields. We appreciate your interest and looking forward to creating magical moments with you.




  • Where are you located?

We are mainly located in Houston TX and Atlanta GA  we are willing to travel to your city if you would like to cover the cost of traveling via flight. The second option would be to organize a group of people interested in booking photo/video shoots to make the trip profitable.

  • Are the photoshoots for free?

On certain circumstances we offer photo/video shoots for mutual exchange and promotional benefit.

  • How many photos do I receive

Details of how many photos you receive can be found on the booking page and package details.

  • Who is recording ?

We currently have 2 videographers/photographers at hand. Jahaan London and Tiffany Smith. You can click on the link on each name to view previous work from them. Only one photographer will be recording your session and it is your choice of who you would like to film with.

  • Do i have to sign a release form ?

We would like to use the photos to encourage others to experience the process. If this is okay with you then we will require a release form to be signed. If you would like your photos/video to be private a release form will not be required

  • What will be done with the video recordings?

A short film is being created that covers multiple women going through the process of healing via intimate photo therapy.

  • Can couples join in ?


  • Can I choose the location?

Yes, if you dont have a location then we can find a location (Air Bnb)  to accomodate

  • What can or cant I bring to the photoshoot

You can bring what makes you feel comfortable from a robe to a gown or jewelry that you would like to wear.

  • How do I prepare for the photo/video shoot?

Be open and ready to feel free.