What is The SII Project?

The Skin Im In project is an opportunity to freely express what and who you truly are. We often struggle with our perception of self as well as how our friends and co works view us. This can lead to feelings about yourself that are not comforting. Seeing how we look from the perspective of someone else can cause the feeling of seeing yourself for the first time. Its refreshing to see yourself in the pure natural state of beauty that you are always in. We have control over the way we feel about our appearance, noone else. Knowing that you are beautiful exactly how you are at any shape, shade or size will improve the quality of your life everyday! A positive mindset reflects from within and people around you will notice the shift. When you want to change we believe it is important to start by identifying who you see yourself as, at the moment. We would like to help you in living out this idea and providing the space to help you with taking control of your self confidence every step of the way! Reach out via our Contact page!


The Skin I’m In…..  Perfectly Imperfect